• YOU can help change lives!

    More fans = more funding, so just vote in contests!

    Volunteer at schools, mentor contestants!

    Buy sponsors' products!

    Get your employer involved!

    Help raise funds!

  • Get Involved in the Excitement!

    The Verge Awards® will be coming to communities all across the country, and we need YOU to help make this a massive, grassroots celebration of all things wonderful about our teens!

    • Vote! And rally more votes! It's as simple as this: The more who participate, the more funds we will attract from sponsors and advertisers!
    • Do you have specific skills in the arts or technology? Become a mentor to a contestant, coach a team, host workshops for those with no access to training in school, provide feedback at practice sessions before the live championships, and so on!
    • Are you a great communicator? Help schools encourage students, parents and broader community members to get involved, write press releases and pitch stories to local media, work with students to write articles for school websites/newspapers/broadcast, promote in parent newsletters and so on!
    • PARTY!  Create or join a school pep squad! Help rally support and votes for contestants in neighborhoods and at local businesses, cheer wildly for all finalists at live state championships, organize remote viewing parties for statewide, regional and national championships (and turn them into school fundraisers!), and more!

    Show your appreciation to (aka BUY FROM!) local and national business partners!

    This seems so simple, but it helps us raise more funds!

    Local businesses to global brands are investing their marketing dollars to help build this uplifting movement and to help the communities they serve offer the best, most well-rounded education possible to their teens.


    As major partners, sponsors, advertisers or donors, or by participating in cause marketing/sales-based fundraising programs, by pooling their resources these corporate citizens make our contests possible.


    Please be sure to thank them for their generosity by choosing their products and services over others (and especially when a portion of proceeds will directly benefit The Verge Fund)!

    Contribute to or help raise funds for STEAM Education

    The Verge Awards® organization is committed to using our platform to raise funds for and increase awareness of the benefits of STEAM education in public high schools, particularly in our country's most under-served communities.


    Through The Verge Fund for Education (501c3), and with the expert insights of more than 400 community foundations across the country, we will invest need-based grants where they will achieve the greatest and most sustainable impact. Grants may be used to help schools extend access to and participation in their already proven successful programs, or help establish new, innovative programs with partner community youth organizations.


    And our scholarship program will support individual students with tremendous potential in each of our contest categories, with priority given to individuals with NO prior training! If they demonstrate desire, passion, potential and willingness to work hard - we can help them achieve greatness!


    Help us build The Verge Fund for Education and raise additional funds for your own school's STEAM programs in the following ways:

    1. Contribute directly
    2. Encourage your company's marketing, community citizenship/social responsibility and/or charitable departments to participate!
    3. Add The Verge Fund to your company's Employee Giving/Match programs - contact us with your specific requirements below
    4. Does your company encourage volunteerism? Even better, do they award grants to organizations where you volunteer? Join us to be part of the excitement, and you'll help us raise funds at the same time!
    5. Arrange a school fundraiser alongside school talent shows, The Verge Awards® pep rallies and remote viewing parties - secure sponsors, raffle prizes, sell merchandise, collect individual contributions. And you can promote Verge Awards contestants to garner votes and raise more funds outside participating local businesses, with car washes and so on. 50% of funds raised will go to your school and 50% will go to The Verge Fund for need-based grants and scholarships nationwide.
    6. Help us sell ads and listings to local businesses in exchange for online recognition during The Verge Awards® events, and for a listing in a downloadable directory of businesses supporting STEAM education. 50% of funds raised will go to your school, 50% goes to The Verge Awards for prizes and event costs!
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