• Nationwide High School Talent Contests

    Awarding scholarships and prizes to winning students, and

    funding to their schools for ARTS + STEM (STEAM!) education programs!

  • Dozens of awards to celebrate ALL teen passions!

    With The Verge Awards® free and online format, the possibilities are endless! Picture awards for:

    the Best Pop Vocalist, Hip Hop Dance Crew, Marching Band Drumline or Comedy Act;

    the Best Documentary Film, Painting, Animation, Fashion Design, or Video Blog;

    the Best Video Game Design, Robotic Solution or Medical Innovation, and even

    Collaboration Nation challenges that will encourage cross-functional teamwork among teens of all different abilities


    Check out our "Contest Categories" Tab to see sample contests (but keep scrolling here before you do!)

  • The Verge Awards® are building a grassroots movement to rally schools and entire communities to support their creative and innovative students, just as they do their athletes!


    Picture the excitement of Friday Night High School Football – but for singers and dancers, artists, video game designers, garage bands, spoken word artists, comedy acts and more!


  • By celebrating all kinds of teens in a positive, encouraging and highly visible format, we will encourage mutual respect and eliminate bullying among teens... because "different" is now the new cool.

  • Here's How The Verge Awards® Work

    This will be the process in every state!

    Contests start with FREE local, online preliminaries

    All teens, regardless of income or geography, can participate. Students simply upload their entries to their local online preliminaries.

    Schools and entire communities rally and vote

    Judges and the voting public determine who win prizes and advance to live state championships.

    Social media explodes with viral sharing!

    Every entry receives its own unique URL that can easily be shared via social media.

    Finalists perform/present at the LIVE statewide championships!

    Every state in the nation has its own live state championship and day-long celebration, crowning the state champs who will advance to regional and national championships!

  • Our first stop: CONNECTICUT!

    CT will be the first of many statewide championships in 2019!

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