• Imagine the many ways you can engage with our audience at each of these stages of competition:

    This will be the process in every state, starting first in CT, then adding at least five states in 2018-2019 school year,

    and then nationwide from there!

    Contests start with FREE local, online preliminaries

    All teens, regardless of income or geography, can participate. How can you help encourage your local teens to enter, and even more to vote?

    Schools and entire communities rally and vote

    Since three or more weeks of public voting helps to determine winners, think of ways you can help schools promote their students - perhaps help with/host live rallies, include them in your paid media, cheer for them using your outdoor and/or retail signage, mailing inserts, and more!

    And social media explodes with viral sharing and online discussions!

    Every entry receives its own unique URL that can easily be shared via social media. Engage your followers and not only generate more votes, but gain recognition for your support of the cause and the community!

    LIVE state, regional and national championships and celebrations add even more excitement!

    Imagine this: all 50 states (plus DC) will have their own live state championship! Not a typical awards program, this is a day-long celebration of arts, technology and the diversity of teen talent! Now imagine your brand smack in the middle of the excitement! Host/present live main-stage entertainment, provide entertaining and educational experiences and services, sample products or even sell them in our retail pop-up shopping mall, take advantage of market research space and services, and even contribute prizes for fundraising raffles and silent auctions!