• Hello Partner!

    If you'd like to establish an emotional connection with CT's 180,000 teenage public high school students, their parents and entire communities by joining our brand-safe, uplifting movement, give us a call!

  • Benevolence + Business

    Yes, you'll absolutely be supporting public education in the communities you serve with your marketing dollars! But you'll also lift brand perception, increase sales and derive many additional business benefits whilst doing so!

    • Extend brand reach to 180,000 teenage students in CT’s 300 high schools, their parents, 7,000 educators, and entire communities 
      • through their schools and local businesses as they rally votes for their contestants
      • in person at an uplifting, 6-hour celebration at the Oakdale Theatre with 4,500 teens and adults in attendance
      • online, through highly viral public voting
      • over several months leading up to, during and after the tentpole event
      • through positive earned media attention
    • Establish an emotional, relevant connection with teens and adults by
      • celebrating their passion points
      • supporting a cause they care deeply about
      • conducting experiential marketing that adds value to an unforgettable event
    • Establish competitive differentation
      • by getting products, coupons into consumers' hands through activations, virtual event bags, retail pop up malls
      • with cause marketing that supports public education
      • by reaching deep into communities in partnership with small businesses and through targeted, local marketing
    • Improve storytelling effectiveness with brand-safe, heartwarming, inspirational, shareable content 
    • Access Gen Z (and parental) audience data to help personalize marketing efforts
    • Conduct relatively low cost, in-person and online market research to gather insights from hard-to-reach teens and/or parents
    • Achieve CSR , employee engagement and even charitable objectives with the same marketing investment by funding education for your future employees, where your current employees live, and where their children and grandchildren go to school!
  • Want in on the Excitement?

    Give us a call or send a quick note and we'll be happy to talk through the many opportunities for partnership.

    We look forward to working with you! Linda Neaton, Founder - 203.449.5044