• Three Ways to Invest in The Verge Awards® for Teens on the Verge of Greatness!

    Partner with us to be part of the excitement AND fund public education with the same investment!

  • 1. Sponsor Contests

    Invest your marketing, PR, CSR or charitable dollars and products and services as prizes for winning students and schools! You may also invest in-kind services and expertise, budget-relieving live event production and venues, video or television production, media buys, celebrity fees, and more. You'll not only receive ample recognition, but you'll also be part of the contest excitement, interact with our teen and adult audiences online, in social media and at our live championships and be able to use our UGC and custom content to add meaning to your own leverage and marketing programs.


    Pricing is based on a combination of geographic coverage and contest categories, so give us a call at 203.449.5044 (or complete the form below) - we'll work with you to design a sponsorship program that meets your objectives, and suits your budget.

    Sponsor Contests Based on Geographic Reach

    Stay local with recognition on school-specific landing pages to county or statewide coverage; expand to northeast, southern, mid-west or western regions of the country; or ride the excitement all the way to nationals!

    Sponsor Contests Based on Interests

    The beauty of hosting dozens of contests across a wide variety of passion points is that our partners will benefit from cross promotion. Fans may come to the site to vote for their favorite singers, but they'll see that we may also have art, fashion design and spoken word contests at the same time!


    If you have a very specific service or product (e.g. ballet shoes, vocal lessons, acrylic paint supplies or clarinet reeds) for a niche audience, by all means, sponsor specific contest categories. Otherwise, keep in mind that the broader the variety of contests you sponsor, the broader the reach. In other words, it's not just computer programmers that use computers!

    Sponsor Contests Based on

    Online or Live Format

    Online preliminary rounds – attach your brand to the viral sharing of contestant entries, school promotions, local rallies, earned media, etc.


    Live, day-long events (55 each year!)

    Interact with our captive audience through onsite promotion and audience engagement, market research and more; sell products in our pop-up mall; incorporate live event footage into social media, extend memories through online storytelling with video footage, PR, etc.

  • 2. Sponsor Custom Content

    Make long-term connections and build relationships with consumers by creating or sponsoring fun or useful content that links your brand to the cause and event! The Verge Awards® is assembling a massive, highly engaged teen and adult audience with our contests, and they're already excited about talent discovery and supporting teens with tremendous potential. They're looking for uplifting stories, they want to hang out with others like them and they're curious to see what else they can learn about each of the different contest categories. So let's give them what they want! And picture this - if you bring in celebrity partners to add value to their experience? You'll be seen as THE brand that made it all possible!

    Sponsor Entertaining content

    The Verge Awards® will be packaging UGC and creating additional custom content meant to entertain teens and adults - you can get in on the excitement and the conversation!

    Sponsor Educational content

    Picture a targeted 75 contests per year, all requiring a level of expertise that must be learned; you can sponsor that invaluable learning experience. Or imagine celebrities sharing their stories of practice and determination. Or provide a service like a series on career choices, or how to audition for college scholarships. So many ideas, so many ways to earn brand love!

    Sponsor Inspirational content

    Can you imagine the stories of triumph that we'll uncover? The heartwarming stories of the student that taught himself how to play the saxophone by watching You Tube videos, or who happened to be on stage at the right time and earned a college scholarship, or the teacher that never gave up on the poet who struggled to read and write because of dyslexia... memorable stories, with your brand attached.

    Sponsor Social Networking events and services

    The Verge Awards® website will be the social destination for teens everywhere. We'll provide safe/monitored opportunities for students to connect with those who share the same passions - such as aspiring fashion designers or ballet dancers - via interest-based discussion groups and live hangouts. Sponsor these hangouts, and even bring in special guests for an unforgettable (branded) experience!

  • 3. Purchase online ad space

    Everyone will be required to register on our website and enter their age to participate in a contest or vote for their favorites. We'll explain to them during the registration process that the more revenue we collect from ads and sponsors, the more funding we can provide for public education! So they won't see you as intrusive; instead, they'll actually appreciate your support! Advertise on our website, at live events, with our online content, in our newsletter, and more. Or, purchase access to our opt in list of those who agree to receive promotions from partners.

    Advertise Based on Demographics

    Age, gender, ethnicity, occupation (education-related)

    Advertise Based on Psychographics

    Interested in music, dance, fashion, technology, environmental, social causes, and more!

  • Want in on the Excitement?

    Give us a call or send a quick note and we'll be happy to talk through the many opportunities for partnership.

    We look forward to working with you! Linda Neaton, Founder - 203.449.5044