• The greatest value in this partnership is in the opportunities it offers you to interact with our audience both online and with on-site activations; promote your investment and support of education across social media and with advertising, PR, digital and video marketing, and sponsored content; and increase employee engagement with meaningful volunteer and giving opportunities. And you can scale your partnership with us over several years on multiple levels, platforms and geographically as we continue to grow!

      Multi-channel programming and distribution

      • Three weeks of online voting leading up to live state championships – capitalize on voting activity/viral sharing be part of the excitement; e.g. sponsor and promote the statewide People’s Choice Award. Then do it again with regional and national championships!
      • Capitalize on school/community spirit and help build a groundswell of localized public support to vote for their contestants - sponsor rallies in schools, conduct press and social media outreach, showcase entries in retail locations, use outdoor signage, etc.
      • Be an integral part of the celebration! 51 live, day-long state championships and celebrations with live streaming - pamper the contestants (hair, makeup, attire, VIP treatment); promote products, activate retail visits; offer services to improve the audience experience and brand recall; sponsor live streaming for online audience; capture video footage, photos with winners, present awards; judge contests, provide employee volunteers and mentors, etc.
      • Continue the celebration with live statewide Champions Tours - our version of a ticker-tape parade! Host a performance/exhibition of the top 10 statewide winners in each category at numerous local malls or venues throughout each state. Pick one state, or sponsor all 51!
      • Be part of The Next Big Thing in televised talent contests! Heartwarming and inspirational stories, geographic pride, and social impact all mean high potential for television/online streaming content production
      • Add to the fan experience with gaming, mobile apps, loyalty programs, etc. – work with us to develop additional ways to engage and reward fans

      Live Event Activation

    • Add and rearrange any components you want.

    • WHAT to Leverage

      Effective partnerships tap into emotion and passion to create memorable experiences. We’re creating an uplifting community-based movement, and an evergreen source for inspirational storytelling. Our partners would do well to take the energy and momentum we generate through our contests and build upon it with their own custom digital and social media content.

      Positive emotions

      Attach your brand to the cause to support public education, an uplifting celebration of diversity of teen talent, the opportunity to discover and help support teens with tremendous potential, the excitement and cultural phenomenon of talent discovery (with the added purpose of social impact). It's all good!

      Broad reach across multiple contest categories and passion points

      If a fan visits the website to vote for a dancer, they'll not only check out other dance submissions from across their region and the country, but they'll also see ad be able to participate in dozens more contests in other categories! Maybe they'll even enter the computer programming or fashion design contest themselves! It's perfect cross-promotion; we get them to the site with one contest, they discover others that may be relevant to them. The more we offer, the greater likelihood they'll participate. 75 contest per year should do it!

      Tons of User Generated and Custom Content!

      Attach your brand to our entertaining, highly viral, uplifting, family-oriented and newsworthy content; and extend the geographic reach and duration of your sponsorship by using our content in your own marketing, social media, PR, digital and internal communication efforts.

      • User generated content - goldmine of heartwarming and inspirational contest entries
      • Contest-related content - backstories, school profiles, community support, etc.
      • Activities around our contests - live events, announcements, showcase individual entries, community rallies, updates/standings, results
      • Sponsor cause-related, educational, entertaining custom content - webinars, podcasts, celebrity interviews, interest-based online social gatherings, etc.

      Plentiful earned media attention

      All of this positive energy and momentum is sure to attract media attention! Promote the recognition you earn in local and national press, on social media as voting transpires, contest-related announcements, live championships/celebrations, etc.

      Likely celebrity interest and engagement

      Celebrities will engage to support the cause, for the positive media attention and/or for expanded audience reach! In fact, consider engaging your celebrity endorsers in The Verge Awards!

      Extended duration of contests and related momentum

      Associate your brand with our contests and the cause to fund public education before, during and (especially) after contests to demonstrate lasting impact. With live events happening in every state (at full sale), enjoy longer term engagement and anticipation around the event in each host market. Stretch your promotional window with social media and reach consumers for months after our live events, and incorporate our content to add meaning and resonance. Create visuals, custom content, and more and use hashtags to associate with The Verge Awards and spread your reach organically.

      Long term partnership opportunities!

      The Verge Awards is certain to become a highly anticipated, annual event that will grow in depth and size over the years as media and celebrities engage. And we will stay current with new trends and cultural phenomenons. But one constant will remain - our commitment to the cause to fund public education, and to help teens achieve their full potential.


      We encourage multi-year contracts with year by year analysis and adjustments that enable you to learn from your own and your co-partners' successes. In general, most partnerships hit their stride in 2-3 years as all parties propagate successes; so lock in now to secure "right of first renewal" and get ready to grow with us!


      Employee pride and engagement

      Enable your employees to play an impactful and memorable role in solving the challenge of funding for education in the communities where they live; where their own children attend school! Volunteer as mentors or live event staff, match their charitable contributions to The Verge Fund, offer your organization's resources to local schools and more!


    • Leverage Channels

      Now that you know WHAT you can leverage, let's talk about HOW to leverage it! The Verge Awards® social presence, newsworthy cause, meaningful user-generated, live event and custom content, and both online and live event contest execution make all of the following top-rated* leverage channels available to our partners. Which ones are most important to you?

      *View the full "What Sponsors Want" report at IEG http://bit.ly/2fyJDur

      We have so many ideas, let's just hop on the phone and talk! Give Linda Neaton a call at 203.449.5044 - We'll focus on your objectives and brainstorm ideas together, and then we'll develop a partnership proposal that suites your objectives... and your budget!