• Let's Take A Deeper Dive

  • An uplifting celebration of teen talent and potential that achieves long-term social impact

    Celebrating the diversity of teen talent and potential in every community in America helps students connect with one another, increases mutual respect and improves cultural understanding - in other words, it could eliminate bullying altogether! It re-engages disenfranchised teens, encourages those with tremendous potential, and enables teens to express themselves in a healthy way.


    It galvanizes parents and entire communities to rally around their creative students, much like they do their athletes, and increases awareness of the need for these highly beneficial programs in public schools - leading to more informed voting in local education budget votes.

    51 LIVE statewide championships offer abundant leverage, experiential branding and retail activation opportunities

    Live events build community and brand relevance! Be part of the anticipation and excitement leading up to, during and after the event at the grassroots level. This is a great platform and audience to sample or sell new products, activate our audience to visit your online or retail locations, offer activities or services that enhance the live event experience for attendees, promote your support of education and so much more. Visit our Leverage/Activation section for more ideas!

    High likelihood of success: Based on proven commercial appeal of televised/online talent discovery

    The Verge Awards® is riding the wave of popularity of shows like American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, The Grammy's, and online discovery via YouTube, Vine, etc. to capture the attention of teens and adults and help drive participation in our online contests and live celebrations. But we're adding the element of meaning and purpose; we're actually using their commercial appeal to achieve something positive by supporting a cause like public education. Indeed, everyone is wondering what the next big thing in televised contests will be - well, The Verge Awards® is the answer!

    Funding education triggers viral sharing, increases relevance and engagement and builds brand love!

    From a marketing/outreach perspective, our funding of public education is the hook for viral sharing; it engages schools and communities to rally participation and voting; it will generate fresh, exciting, positive and family-oriented content for local and national media and for viral sharing; celebrities will engage to support the cause and for the positive publicity; and it will broaden our outreach through word of mouth, particularly through established community organizations and advocacy groups that serve youth.


    From a branding perspective, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment and involvement with the cause to support public education and build brand love. "Telling good stories about a brand is less valuable than having a brand support a good story." (Fullscreen Media)

    Voting incentive creates an action platform

    Public voting will help determine individual students who will receive support and schools that will receive funding for education programs. Since participants can positively impact thousands of teens' lives simply by voting, without any additional cost to them, they become emotionally engaged! This motivates highly viral sharing among all students, parents, and entire communities and will induce a groundswell of public support for teens with creative abilities.

    Fully sustainable model, multi-year stability and growth, ripe for multi-year partnerships

    The Verge Awards is quite different from a traditional cause-related event sponsorship in that we are a commercially viable, self-sustaining concept; as long as 1) brands and businesses want to engage with teens and adults in a meaningful way, 2) schools need funding, and 3) we evolve along with our teen audience and maintain relevance, we will be providing a service that sustains itself. 


    Ideally, our partners will agree to a multi-year commitment and scale with us as we expand geographically and across even more passion points. We'll set year by year expectations, then measure and tweak as necessary.

    Taps into passion points of music, dance, art, fashion, technology, social impact and more

    Expand your reach and increase your brand's relevance to the broadest variety of teenagers and adults through 75 contests per year (at full scale) in the categories of Performing Arts, Visual & Media Arts, Technology & Innovation, Creative Writing, and Creative Thinking.


    Partners become deeply embedded in their communities; the talk of the town!

    This is a national program with local activation possibilities! And, we’re reaching deep into communities by awarding at least 75% of our prizes at local and state levels.


    This means that The Verge Awards® and our partners will be part of the conversation in school hallways, in PTA meetings, at football games and in local media. Can't beat that for word of mouth potential! But hey, why not take it a step further and host a community rally!

    Tremendous amount of positive earned media

    We have all of the elements to attract media attention and viral word of mouth: the cause to support public education; likely celebrity involvement; heartwarming and uplifting UGC and custom content; a nationwide celebration of teen talent and potential; the discovery of emerging talent; and community support and rallies. All provide stories that the American audience craves, and that local and national media are desperate to share!

    Treasure trove of user-generated and custom content available to our partners

    "When brands create high-quality content geared to the interests of their audiences, it creates brand loyalty, which, in turn, generates sales." (Inc.com) But it can be insanely costly to acquire video assets for a ten second Snap Chat or one minute Instagram ad.


    Imagine the thousands of highly relevant videos uploaded by teens for each contest we host! Add the stories of personal triumph and school pride that we will uncover, entertaining and exciting footage from live events, and the educational content we can produce to help teens reach their full potential!


    All of this content will be available at no additional cost to our founding partners for your current marketing, social media and internal communication programs! And this content will be available for licensed use by our other partners and advertisers, a portion of which will again be used to fund education programs.

    Combine Marketing, CSR and Philanthropic investments for greater return and impact

    From a CSR and philanthropic perspective, The Verge Awards® provides a platform for business partners to fund public education, serve their communities and support causes including: public education, youth empowerment and achievement, serve disadvantaged youth and provide a pathway to success, support the arts and our future artists, and more.


    And marketing teams will be able to engage with our teen and adult audience and build brand loyalty by supporting a cause they care deeply about - education. Your objectives are complimentary, so we encourage you to combine resources to achieve greater impact than you would separately.

    Increase your bottom line (queue mic drop!)

    It all comes down to this: you will increase marketing ROI, positively impact your bottom line, and fund public education by partnering with The Verge Awards® for Teens on the Verge of Greatness!


    By attaching your brand to public education and providing uplifting family-oriented programming, you will: reach and engage with a broader audience; increase brand credibility and trust; create strong ties with communities and drive retail and online visitations; and increase market share through competitive differentiation and increased preference and loyalty!