• Businesses want to “do good”!

    Here's the situation: Arts + STEM (STEAM) education programs in American public schools are woefully under-funded, yet businesses invest $17 BILLION each year trying to reach teens and their their parents.


    Every business on this planet would prefer to have their marketing investments achieve something positive in the communities they serve in addition to achieving their marketing objectives. Even better, if their investment funded public education? We'll develop a more highly skilled and fully prepared workforce-- innovative and creative employees that our brand partners will need in order to remain competitive in this global economy.


    Our corporate partners recognize the value of arts and STEM programming in public high schools, and are investing their marketing dollars to fund these programs! Whether as major partners, sponsors, advertisers or donors, or by participating in cause marketing/sales-based fundraising programs, these corporate citizens make our contests possible.


    What's more, additional contributions to our 501c3 Verge Fund for Education will be invested in STEAM education in the most underserved communities in the country. ALL kids, regardless of family income or geography, have tremendous potential - and a well-rounded education will help them soar to new heights.