• Join our Statewide Pep Squad!

    Student leaders, writers, correspondents, visual artists, videographers, musicians, actors, cheerleaders, any one with spirit wanted!

  • Join our Statewide Pep Squad!

    The Verge Awards are building a cultural movement to celebrate all kinds of teens on the verge of greatness, with all kinds of talent, passions, cultures, ideas and dreams. We're celebrating our tremendously talented creative and technical teens, just as we do our awesome high school athletes!


    Picture the excitement of Friday night football with students and entire communities, marching bands and cheer teams turning out in freezing temperatures to cheer for their school’s teams. And picture thousands of students in well-orchestrated pep squads packing gymnasiums for state basketball championships.


    Now, imagine those same fans filling venues like the Oakdale Theatre to cheer for CT’s best teenage pop singers, hip hop dancers, filmmakers, graphic novelists, comedy troupes, magicians, product inventors and more!


    We think this uplifting, school- and community-galvanizing movement could be life changing for many, and truly unforgettable for all. Don't you?


    YOU can help make this happen!

    This is an academically enriching and FUN opportunity for creative, ambitious, energetic and outgoing teens to learn the strategies behind marketing, communications, new media and community organizing and apply your skills in a culturally relevant and impactful way. It’s also a great way to bolster your college applications and add to your creative portfolio. Depending on your school’s requirements, you may also earn community service or capstone credit.*


    The statewide pep squad will create, recruit and lead a network of student leaders from across the state to serve as point people for their schools and encourage student participation, and create a process and tools for bi-directional dissemination of information, sharing of best practices and identification of inspirational and entertaining stories


    Our content creators will create the content for school outreach, social media, advertising, Verge Awards website and promotional materials that help build, capture and share the excitement surrounding the movement, create a blog/vlog and/or newsletter and encourage subscribers, and create additional entertaining and educational content to be published on thevergeawards.com, YouTube and across social media (and if all goes as planned, a television pilot!)


    On-camera correspondents will interview VIP’s (Hunter Hayes, Commissioner Cardona, more TBA) and capture backstage excitement, preparations and post-performance interviews with contestants.


    Team members will include:

    • student leaders/organizers
    • writers - social media to long form storytelling content
    • videographers, video editors, audio producers
    • visual and multimedia artists
    • social media team - develop a social media strategy as a team and publish content
    • actors, performers
    • on-camera correspondents (video auditions open Jan 25-February 29)
    Your team’s role is to
    • engage as many students, schools, teachers, parents, community members and local businesses to participate
    • build an uplifting statewide movement to encourage, support and vote for contestants
    • ensure the Oakdale Theatre is filled with supportive and encouraging fans for all finalists
    • celebrate the diversity of teen passions and cultures
    • capture emotional, inspirational and heartwarming stories of contestants, schools, teachers and/or communities, major events and rallies, etc.


    Pay: We encourage students to join us for community service or Capstone credit.* Once you complete your required commitment, additional effort (if assigned) will earn $12/hr for in-person meetings and individual assignments.

    * We are happy to review your school’s community service or capstone requirements to see if we can accommodate them – please email them to schoolsupport@thevergeawards.com.



    Midnight, March 15, 2020; however, the application period will close as soon as we fill the team so get yours in early using this link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GPSM83N


    Commitment: If selected, you will be required to participate in at least one (1) in person, day-long strategy and working session March 21st (location TBD), and in-person team sessions as needed on Saturdays or Sundays through April 23rd; there may also be ongoing individual assignments to be completed independently but as a contributing member of a team. We will cover costs for transportation and provide all meals whenever we assemble.

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